Is the Bottger Mansion haunted? No.

“Is the Bottger Mansion haunted?” That’s a question often asked, especially in September and October as people think about Halloween. So… is the Bottger Mansion haunted?

Is the Bottger Mansion Haunted? No. How do we know?

We’ve lived in the house since 2004, so I think we should know. We realize there are people who truly believe in ghosts and spirits, even if we don’t. When people hear things in the house, they might think it’s a ghost. The house is over 100 years old and has many of the original hardwood floors. They squeak. Our 9-pound cat can walk across the floor and it squeaks.

One charming 16-year-old young man stayed with us years ago and swore he heard a ghost moaning in his bathroom early one morning. Little did he know that we have pigeons that roost on the bathroom vent pipes on the roof. They do moan. But they’re not ghosts. And since the cats came to live with us in 2015, we have a lot fewer pigeons moaning.

Is the Bottger Mansion haunted? No, but here are some fun things you can do.

Walking ghost tours

Old Town Albuquerque has a fascinating history, and you can take a walking history tour with History and Ghost Tours in Old Town. Learn about the founding of Old Town, the buildings, and the people who made it what it is today.

If you believe in ghosts and spirits or just want to have a fun time in the fall, take a ghost tour in the evening. Be sure to buy tickets in advance, since they are quite popular and tours fill quickly.

For a ghost walk tour with extra “spirits,” you can take the Albucreepy Ghost Walk: Taverns and Tales. This mile-long walk features more stories as well as stops at several watering holes along the way for additional refreshment. Please note that everyone taking this tour must be 21 or over.

Costume Parties and Pub Crawls

If you’re more into a party than a tour, you can attend the annual Halloween Pub Crawl. You can dress up in your spooky best and compete for a costume prize! Let someone else do the driving on the ABQ Trolley Halloween Pub Crawl.

Book tickets well in advance for these special events. As always, drink responsibly and designate a driver. Costumes are optional but welcome!

Haunted Houses and a corn field

Run for your life in a haunted house! McCall’s Haunted Farm offers several frightening experiences. Explore a haunted barn and the Field of Screams haunted corn field. For a full evening of screams, dare to pass through the 13 Gates of Terror at Haunted Scarecrow.

Costumed bike rides and walks

Have you ever seen a skeleton riding a bicycle? Oh, wait–it’s YOU! Day of the Tread is both a bicycle race and a ride. Choose your distance from 7, 12, 18, 23, 47, 61 or 100 miles of cycling fun–different routes allow you to stop whenever you want. Costumes are abundant but optional.

If you just want a fun 4K walk on a beautiful October morning, this fundraiser makes its way around Old Town.

Ghost stories about Albuquerque

Read about 5 Famous Ghosts of Albuquerque.  These locations are not necessarily included on any tours but are worth a read. Bobby Darnall at the historic KiMo Theatre; the Lady in Black at Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel, Mrs. M at the Albuquerque Press Club, Lizzie McGrath (a brothel madam, of course), and Frank Bond at the Albuquerque Wood Warehouse are just a few of the better known haunts in Albuquerque.

Is the Bottger Mansion haunted? No. Our house is a peaceful oasis in Old Town.

People who believe in and practice feng shui who have stayed at the Bottger Mansion say that the house has good vibes and is very peaceful. And even though the house is in the center of Albuquerque, it is relatively quiet. We ask that guests not perform “ghost hunts” in the house as it may disturb other guests.

Is the Bottger Mansion haunted? No. Why is it in books of ghost stories?

Some people believe that every old house is haunted. And San Felipe elementary school has been right next door since the 1960’s. You  know kids–they love ghost stories. Every year the older kids pass down the stories to the younger ones, so the stories will never die.

It’s one thing to have ghost stories told about your old house. It’s another thing entirely when the “facts” about the house and the history of it are so completely wrong! We have yet to find a history book which includes the Bottger Mansion in which all of the history facts are correct. One book published in 1978 as a purported survey of Albuquerque historic landmarks got every single thing about the Bottger Mansion wrong except the street address.

Stay in our peaceful, not-haunted house

In the center of Albuquerque, the Bottger Mansion of Old Town Bed & Breakfast is a peaceful oasis in Old Town. Enjoy extraordinary breakfasts, house-made cookies upon arrival, modern amenities, and all of Old Town right outside the front gate. Check availability for your stay. Please note that our rooms accommodate only two people–and no ghosts.

Is the Bottger Mansion haunted? No. No ghosts since 1912.


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