Unique Historic Route 66 Attractions in Albuquerque

Or you or someone nearby mentions historic Route 66, lovingly referred to as “The Mother Road,” odds are it conjures up images of driving freely through the wide-open expanses of the American West, wind in your hair, and nothing but joy on your face. Route 66 is a remarkable part of the American story, and today, you can see some of the best Route 66 attractions in Albuquerque. This historic road was an important artery in America, but it also symbolized freedom, optimism, and individualism.

Route 66 was established in 1926, the first highway connecting the major U.S. cities of Chicago and Los Angeles. It was a bustling route in its heyday and helped put many small towns on the map, including Albuquerque. Today, more than 250 historical remnants of this mobile age are on display, ranging from buildings and bridges to other notable and interesting artifacts from this period of time.

Though it is deeply rooted in the past, Route 66 still plays a role in the modern day, particularly in cities dedicated to preserving this piece of the American Legacy, like Albuquerque. While in town, carve out some time to enjoy some of the historic route 66 attractions in Albuquerque. Book your room at our historic Albuquerque Bed and Breakfast in Old Town.


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