New Mexico Quiche Lorraine

New Mexico Quiche Lorraine is full of bacon, Swiss cheese, and, of course, New Mexico green chilies.There’s no flour in the filling, so if you make it without a crust, it’s gluten-free.

New Mexico Quiche Lorraine can be gluten-free!

Pretty much any quiche is firm enough to make in a pie plate without a crust and can be gluten-free. A crustless quiche may “weep,” or have a little liquid at the bottom of the quiche because there’s no flour crust to absorb the liquid. To remove the excess liquid, cut the first slice of the quiche and remove it from the pie plate. Tip the pie plate a bit and set it on something, like a dinner knife, just to hold it at a slant. The excess liquid will gather in the space where the piece was removed. Let it sit for a few minutes, then remove the excess liquid with a paper towel.

how to use New Mexico green chilies

Outside of New Mexico, most people can get canned green chilies in the Mexican food section of the grocery store. In New Mexico, we can also buy them frozen in large tubs. To use those, thaw the chile and drain it well. You’ll want to have 4 ounces of chile for this recipe, not including any liquid. Make sure the chilies are well-drained. We prefer Hatch green chile! In New Mexico, we can also buy fresh green chilies and have them roasted at the grocery store. You have to peel the chilies and remove the seeds, which is a lot of work. But the flavor and smell of fresh-roasted chile is truly amazing.

How sharp do you like your Swiss cheese?

Swiss cheese can come in a lot of varieties. Some are mild and perfectly acceptable for New Mexico Quiche Lorraine. If you like a really sharp and tangy Swiss cheese, this dish can stand up to it!

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New Mexico Quiche Lorraine
New Mexico Quiche Lorraine is full of bacon, Swiss cheese,...
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