Outrageous Orange French Toast

This recipe for Outrageous Orange French Toast is one of our guest favorites. Ellen Gutman Chenaux of the Birchwood Inn graciously shared the recipe. She is one of the 8 Broads in the Kitchen. You should definitely visit the website and blog for amazing recipes and cooking tips. We are pleased to be friends with all of the 8 Broads and are delighted that they share so many recipes and information. Everyone should eat great food, and they certainly do their best to help us all with that.

Using liqueur in Outrageous Orange French Toast adds depth

We find that adding various flavored liqueurs adds depth to the flavor of the dish. Certainly there are folks who can’t or don’t want to use alcohol in their cooking. However, I will always experiment with a recipe where it seems appropriate to boost the flavor profile. I add a tablespoon of Fidelitas Obstler when making pear sorbet. It’s 80% apple brandy and 20% pear brandy, and it really brings out the pear flavor in the sorbet.

Use a fine hand grater for the orange zest

When zesting oranges, first wash the orange well. I use a fine hand zester to grate the orange rind. Zest the orange, set it aside, then use a juicer or reamer to extract the juice. If you have “too much” orange zest, store it in an airtight container or ziplock bag in the freezer. You’ll find yourself adding it to dishes and boosting the orange flavor. I keep containers of orange, lemon and lime zest in the freezer. They are great for pancakes, cookies and even mashed sweet potatoes.

Real maple syrup

Use real maple syrup when possible. Yes, it’s expensive, so use it in moderation. Real maple syrup is so much better than “pancake syrup” which mostly has corn syrup and maple flavoring.

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