Head to Albuquerque’s BioPark This summer!

There are plenty of great things to do in Albuquerque, including shopping and exploring Old Town, getting a dose of nostalgia along Historic Route 66, exploring the city’s great museums, and heading out for day trips to some of northern New Mexico’s top attractions. But there’s another great way to spend your day in Albuquerque, and that’s to visit the popular ABQ BioPark. 

The Albuquerque BioPark is an expansive facility next to the Rio Grande River and the popular Paseo del Bosque trail network. Whether you want to visit the stunning botanical gardens, relax on the beautiful beach at the Albuquerque Biopark, or visit the extraordinary animals at the ABQ BioPark Zoo and Aquarium, it offers a little something for everyone.

The diversity of things to do at the ABQ BioPark is one of the many reasons it remains one of the most popular things to do in Albuquerque, and it’s less than a mile down Historic Route 66 from our Bed and Breakfast in Albuquerque! Our location in the heart of Old Town Albuquerque and near top attractions like the ABQ BioPark is just one of the many things that make us such a great place to stay while you’re in town. 

There’s so much more to it, though. Book a room at our Bed and Breakfast in Albuquerque, and let us share the best of this extraordinary town with you!

A waterfall feature at the ABQ BioPark

Top Things to Do at the ABQ BioPark

So many people think of the ABQ Biopark simplistically, largely thinking only of the zoo and the Aquarium. And while those are two of the main attractions at the ABQ Biopark – and definitely worth visiting on their own – that’s not all that awaits at this fantastic attraction. 

It’s really more of a museum dedicated to conservation, and with more than 1.5 million visitors a year, it is one of the top attractions in New Mexico, let alone Albuquerque. Within the ABQ BioPark are four different facilities: An aquarium, a zoo, a botanical garden, and a beach.

There are so many things to see and do at these incredible facilities that you could easily spend more than a day here. Below, we’ve listed the highlights of each section of the ABQ BioPark.  

ABQ BioPark Zoo

The Zoo at the BioPark opened in 1927 and features a fascinating range of animals, including native and exotic species. The zoo encompasses 64 acres and more than 300 animals. The total walking distance through the zoo is around 2.25 miles, and you can expect it to take 2- 3 hours.

Popular things to see at the Albuquerque BioPark Zoo are the Asian Elephants, the Cat Walk featuring tigers, cheetahs, and more, giraffes and zebras, penguins, and so much more. 

ABQ BioPark Aquarium 

The Aquarium showcases marine life from the Gulf of Mexico, which features a variety of fish found in coral reefs, sea turtles, stingrays, sharks, and more. There’s also an exhibit showcasing various species found in the Rio Grande River, both historically and today. 

Albuquerque BioPark Botanical Garden

One of our favorite parts of the ABQ BioPark is the Botanical Garden. It’s one of the newer parks of the park, opening in 1996, and features 32 acres of magnificent gardens and displays. The Botanical Garen showcases plants from the American Southwest and a beautiful selection from around the world. 

The Botanical Garden is open year-round and, with various seasonal changes, always offers a different experience when you visit. 

Tingley Beach

Tingley Beach, located next to the Rio Grande Bosque, is technically part of the BioPark but is free and open to the public. It features ponds that you can fish or boat on. A New Mexico fishing license is required for fishing. There are also walking trails around Tingley Beach that are perfect for viewing local wildlife. 

Tickets are available for just the Aquarium/Botanical Garden or the Zoo, or you can buy a combo ticket to all three attractions. A limited number of tickets are sold each day to the ABQ BioPark, so we encourage you to buy your tickets in advance. 

The Exterior of our Albuquerque Bed and Breakfast, a great place to stay while visiting the ABQ BioPark and other local attractions

Best Bed and Breakfast in Albuquerque

As wonderful as the ABQ BioPark is, it’s just one of the many great things waiting for you when you stay with us at our Bed and Breakfast in Albuquerque. Our Inn is perched at one end of Albuquerque’s historic Old Town, close to the top restaurants, shops, and attractions you want to see during your stay. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, our spectacular location near all the best things to do in Albuquerque is just one of the many things that make us the best place to stay

Our Bed and Breakfast in Albuquerque offers seven well-appointed guest rooms, each decorated differently and each showcasing a different piece of our incredible property’s history. Though a historic Bed and Breakfast in Albuquerque, we ensure guests have all the modern creature comforts they crave throughout their stay, including a wonderful range of in-room amenities, fast WIFI, and a delicious multi-course breakfast in the morning. 

Of course, warm, friendly hospitality is central to any stay at our Bed and Breakfast in Albuquerque. The guest experience here is far superior to anything you’ll experience at a more traditional hotel. We take the time to communicate with our guests from the moment they book with us through to departure – and in doing so, we help to personalize your stay in ways unheard of at most lodging properties. This kind of friendly, service-oriented hospitality will genuinely make a difference in your overall experience and is the #1 reason to book a room at our Bed and Breakfast in Albuquerque today!

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