Old Town, Albuquerque

Why stay at a bed & breakfast in Old Town Albuquerque? Because we can tell you the best places to eat and shop, the best things to do, and the best things to see. We know the owners of the local shops, galleries and restaurants, and they take excellent care of our guests. The personalized service, thoughtfully appointed accommodations and friendly hospitality at the Bottger Mansion make our B&B an inviting alternative to traditional hotel lodging when you travel to Albuquerque.

Most of these favorite places have listings on the Old Town Merchants Association website and map.

Old Town Shopping, Dining and Attractions

Take a walk through history around Albuquerque’s Old Town Plaza, the serene village that has been the focal point of community life since 1706. Quiet hidden patios, winding brick paths, gardens and balconies are waiting to be discovered. Wrought iron and adobe benches beckon you to rest in the shade and watch people stroll by. Visit historic San Felipe de Neri Church and relax in the Courtyard.

Shopping in Old Town is a truly delightful experience. Unique items from around the world, as well as those that are distinctly Southwestern, can be found in more than 100 shops, boutiques and galleries.

When in New Mexico, eat like New Mexicans! Try delightful chile dishes, which evolved from a combination of Indian and Spanish influences, or enjoy one of the fine restaurants featuring everything from the All-American hamburger to fine continental cuisine.

Four museums are within an easy walk of Old Town Plaza, displaying everything from turquoise to rattlesnakes to New Mexico’s dinosaurs. Discover the hidden gem of Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel tucked in a secluded courtyard; visit the first well in Albuquerque; take a behind-the-scenes historical ghost tour of Old Town; or view the carving in the tree found only by those who know where to look. Read about the history of Old Town here.

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