Creamy blue cornmeal muffins

We ate all of them, so I didn’t even get a photo of the lovely blue color.  Yes, indeed, they really are blue from the blue cornmeal.  This recipe was in the December 2007 issue of New Mexico Magazine.  It called for a jumbo muffin tin, but those huge muffins are too big, and I wanted to see how many “normal” muffins it would make.  The last thing we need is to have nine guests for breakfast and the recipe only makes eight muffins.

It says to serve these slathered with butter and honey, but they’re really good all by themselves.

We can get blue cornmeal in the bulk foods section of our local co-op, but you might have to buy it online.  I found some sources including Bob’s Red Mill.  We can also buy pine nuts at Costco here, but I’m not sure they’re available across the country.  You can buy those online, too!  And if you’re not willing to order the blue cornmeal and the pine nuts, then you’d just have regular corn muffins, eh?

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