Easy fresh peach ice cream

Nothing says summer like fresh peaches! Here’s a recipe for easy Fresh Peach Ice Cream. All you need is some fresh, ripe peaches, a variable-speed blender and a countertop electric ice cream freezer. And who wouldn’t have one of those when you find out easy it is to make great ice cream? You’ll make sure you always have half-and-half and heavy cream (whipping cream) on hand.

I started making my own ice cream about 2 years ago. We can’t eat about half the varieties in the grocery store because of Steve’s peanut allergy. And even the higher-end brands didn’t seem to be that great. About the same time, I found Matthew Klein’s The Joy of Ice Cream at a used book sale. After just one or two tries, I was hooked!

Other flavors besides Fresh Peach Ice Cream

I’ve made several varieties of both chocolate and vanilla, as well as fresh peach ice cream, mango, coconut, lemon custard, lime, maple-pecan and a number of others. (I even made peanut butter ice cream for myself when Steve was away on a business trip!) Once you start experimenting, you realize that any flavor is fair game. Trader Joe’s carries Speculoos cookie butter and it makes an extraordinary ice cream. Look for it right next to the peanut butter and almond butter.

The blender

You can use any variable speed blender with a low speed setting. This will ensure you don’t start to churn the ice cream in the blender! We use a Vitamix blender, which has a “hot soup” setting. You can use this to make the cooked custard. It blends the egg, sugar, flavoring and half-and-half mixture at high speed for about 5 minutes and literally cooks it to steaming.

Raw eggs

If you have a compromised immune system, you should avoid consuming raw eggs. With a Vitamix, you can use the “hot soup” setting on any of the batter base mixtures so it cooks the egg and avoids that problem. At the end, just add the heavy cream on very low speed just until combined.


A good blender will generally pulverize anything you put into the liquid. You may want something chunky in your ice cream, like nuts, chocolate chips, or pieces of fruit, chopped to the right size. Use a large bowl to mix them in with the ice cream after it’s finished in your ice cream maker. I also found that coconut tends to get hung up in the blender blade and the ice cream paddle, so add it separately as well.

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