Gluten-free Green Chile Quiche

Gluten-free green chile quiche is one of our guest favorites for breakfast. The cottage cheese and cream cheese keep it light and tender. You can make it in a large casserole dish for a big crowd–just bake, cut and serve! We make them in individual 7-ounce quiche dishes. They also freeze well when wrapped in plastic wrap. Unwrap and microwave on moderate power to make sure the inside gets thawed and warmed.

Gluten-free Green Chile Quiche is easy to make

When you read through the recipe directions, you’ll see that you can use one big bowl and just keep adding everything in. The best way is to have everything out and measured before you start putting things together. After years of watching chefs on TV do this, I realized it was better than the way I was doing it. I would start at the top and get things out as I did the steps. Sometimes you find out you don’t have a key ingredient and have to go to the store!

What you should know about green and red chile

New Mexicans are proud of their green chile. It’s like Vidalia onions have to be grown in Vidalia, Georgia to earn the name. Our certified New Mexico green chile has to be grown in New Mexico, and Hatch green chile has to be grown in Hatch, New Mexico. Green chiles and red chiles come from the same plant. The green ones are picked fresh, the skins are blistered and removed, and the chile is used fresh. It can also be canned or frozen when green.

If the chile is left on the plant, it will turn red and dry. The red chilies are picked with the stem left on. They can be strung together with twine, and that’s called a “ristra.”

Red chile is not “hotter” than green, and vice versa. Chilies get hotter when they are stressed, so when they get a lot of sun and heat and not much rain, they will be hotter. In a year with heavier rainfall, the chilies are milder.

How to buy green chile

In New Mexico, grocery stores carry fresh green chilies in the produce section all year long. They keep well in commercial cold storage. Harvest season is August into September, and nearly every grocery store has a chile roaster set up in the parking lot outside. You can also buy green chile canned or frozen. Most grocery stores all over the country have a Mexican foods or international foods section.

Generally the heat level is on the label, from “mild” to “hot.” It’s based on the amount of capsaicin in the chile according to the Scoville heat scale. Of course, what level of heat you can tolerate is up to you! For our Gluten-Free Green Chile Quiche, we use mild chilies for our guests who aren’t used to spicier food.

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Every day, breakfast starts with locally roasted coffee and a great selection of teas. In addition to orange juice and cranberry juice, we offer a daily house-made juice blend. The fruit course is generally topped with a little dessert–a scoop of house-made fruit sorbet.

The entree offering changes daily, varying by sweet or savory, often using New Mexican spices and ingredients in unexpected ways. Maybe while you’re here, our entree will be Gluten-Free Green Chile Quiche.

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