Your Ultimate Guide to the Albuquerque Rapid Transit

Albuquerque Rapid Transit

Better known by the locals as ART, the Albuquerque Rapid Transit is one of the most cost-efficient and reliable ways to get around the Duke City. This transportation system was designed to be more efficient and productive than typical city buses so that you can spend more time exploring and doing the things you want.The best part? There is a station in Old Town located just steps from the Bottger Mansion! Read on to learn more about the Albuquerque Rapid Transit and how you can make it work for you on your next visit.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Albuquerque Rapid Transit

The Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) combines the things travelers love about rail transit into an efficient bus system. How do they accomplish this? We’re glad you asked! With the use of dedicated bus lanes, frequent service, pre-boarding tickets, and more, ART has become Albuquerque’s most trusted and used public transit. Plus, it’s a very budget-friendly option for those who want to avoid costly taxi and Uber fares. What more could you need? Hop aboard an ART bus and quickly get to your favorite Albuquerque shopping centers, attractions, and restaurants.

Station Platforms

One of the biggest contributors to ART’s fast service is its station platforms. Normally, you would have to climb a step or two to board the bus or wait for wheelchair ramps to be rolled out. This is not the case with the Albuquerque Rapid Transit! The boarding platforms were designed to be the same height as the floor of the bus. That way, as soon as the bus pulls into the station, travelers can easily walk or roll on and off. Stations are also beautifully decorated and furnished with shelters, benches, lighting, and sometimes, local artwork to make waiting for the bus a little more enjoyable.

Off-Board Fares

No more having to search your pockets for spare change in order to board the bus! Albuquerque Rapid Transit provides off-bus fare purchasing that requires riders to get their tickets in advance. All you’ll have to do is show your ticket when you board and off you go!

Albuquerque Rapid Transit Stations

ART boasts 20 stations throughout Albuquerque, giving you plenty of options for places to go and things to see! Here are just a few popular attractions located near an Albuquerque Rapid Transit station.

Old Town Albuquerque

With adobe-style architecture and some of the city’s best museums, Old Town Albuquerque is an absolute must! This area is also home to our historic bed & breakfast, the Bottger Mansion of Old Town. As you wander the streets, don’t fight the urge to browse the wide variety of boutique stores and gift shops or grabbing a bite to eat in the ethnically diverse restaurants.

Albuquerque Biological Park

Also known as the Albuquerque Biopark, this unique attraction welcomes more than 1.5 million visitors each year. In addition to the zoo, aquarium, botanical garden, and beach, the park also plays host to several of Albuquerque’s most popular events! These include summer concerts and the famous Christmas festival, River of Lights. You’ll definitely need more than a day to experience everything this attraction has to offer!

Nob Hill

Stretching along the iconic Route 66, Nob Hill is a buzzing and colorful community frequented by locals and visitors alike. It’s also one of the largest dining hubs in all of Albuquerque! After disembarking from the Albuquerque Rapid Transit, eat your way through Nob Hill’s wide selection of eateries ranging from fine dining bistros to popular tequileiras.

Take a look at the Albuquerque Rapid Transit map to find other stations, routes, and nearby attractions!

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