all about the Trinity atomic bomb site

The state of New Mexico is filled with fascinating stories of the past. One truly incredible historic site you need to visit when you can is the Trinity Atomic Bomb Site. Discover why this spot is truly one-of-a-kind and add it to your vacation itinerary today.

what you need to know about the Trinity atomic bomb site in New Mexico

history of the Trinity atomic bomb site

This historic site represents the spot where the world’s first nuclear bomb dropped. The outbreak of World War II caused American scientists to develop a strategy that would help them against Germany’s advanced weaponry. A top-secret project, called the “Manhattan Project,” was developed in the early 1940s to test and develop nuclear weapons. Most of these experiments took place in Los Alamos, New Mexico. After a few years of conducting research, they decided to drop their first plutonium bomb on the Trinity test site. This event took place on July 16, 1945, when a 600-foot fireball demolished trees, earth, and even blew out windows that were 120 miles away.

things to do at the Trinity atomic bomb site

Today, you can visit the site where the atomic age began. You’ll see plenty of trinitite, which is the glassy bits all over the desert floor, left over from the explosion. You can also take a bus over to the McDonald Ranch House to see where the scientists assembled the bomb, as well as the base camp where the scientists and other workers lived. There are also plenty of pictures and displays located throughout the site where you can learn more about this milestone in history.

hours and location of the Trinity atomic bomb site

This site is unique because it can only be visited twice a year, on the first Saturday of April and October. It’s located between Carrizozo and Socorro, New Mexico. Take the Stallion Gate turnoff from US 380, then follow the paved road for 17 miles until you reach the parking lot for the site. There are usually signs marking your path. This is a rare sight you won’t want to miss, so start planning your trip to New Mexico today!

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