“The midnight scene in an Old Town Mexican dance hall”–1881

From the book Gilded Palaces of Shame by Byron A. and Sharon P. Johnson:

“Tuesday night about twelve o’clock a lively row occurred in Mariano Martin’s dance hall, in Old Town, which resulted in John Connors being severely stabbed in the back by two women known as ‘Marinda’ and ‘Minnie.’  The two women were arraigned by the alcalde [mayor] in Old Town yesterday morning, and bound over to the district court in the sum of $500 each, which amount of bond being beyond the financial reach of the cyprians they were ordered to jail where… they will have the opportunity of getting sober and reflecting on the terrible life they have led.

“John Connors is a weak-eyed Irishman, who has the appearance of taking too much ‘budge.’ He was full to overflowing at the time the row took place, and came to grief because he refused to treat the ‘ladies.’  His wounds are severe, but he will soon recover.  A special providence looks over such people.

“The two females who committed the stabbing are well-known in New Mexico as hard citizens.  At Santa Fe, Rincon, El Paso and this city they are known and feared as two of the worst lost souls in the business.  They have become so debauched in crime that the merciful creator has removed from their visages all traces of womanly beauty, and placed the stamp of vagrant and outcast indelibly on their features.  Albuquerque Daily Journal, October 27, 1881.”

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