A voice from the past–Charles A. Bottger, 1897

Persistence in looking through microfilm of newspapers for hours pays off.  Last week I found a direct quote from Charles A. Bottger, in The Albuquerque Weekly Citizen from Saturday, May 29, 1897, page 1:

“I wish to inform my friends and the public in general that I will introduce a new form of amusement for the coming summer season, in the shape of an open-air concert garden. 

“Beginning May 29th and 30th there will be a band concert at the Sunnyside, and every Sunday night thereafter, weather permitting.  The music will be furnished by the First Regiment Band, of Old Town, which band now has a membership of twenty-five, and in the point of first class music is second to none in the Southwest.

“Many improvements have been made at the Sunnyside in the past few months, and we are now prepared to conduct our concerts on a large scale.  The garden has a seating capacity of 450 people, half of whom will be accomodated with tables.

“The bandstand is located on the roof, which insures a better quality of sound, as the audience will listen to music and not noise.

“At present the garden will be illuminated by torches, but within 10 days these will be replaced by lights specially adapted to the purpose, and which will make the garden as light as day.

“After June 10th the garden will be illuminated every night for the accomodation of patrons who wish to enjoy a cool glass of beer, lunch, games, etc. in the open air. 

“The above concerts will begin every Sunday night at 8 p.m. and end at 10:30.  Cars will be on hand at the conclusion of concert to accomodate new town visitors. 

“Bicycles will be checked to insure safe keeping.

“No admission will be charged, but as this is a dry country we expect everybody to irrigate a little, and as irrigation is necessary to a healthy growth, we want everybody to grow healthy with pleasure, and we want to say right now that we have a first class line of irrigating material on hand.  We don’t run a one-horse outfit.

“In conclusion, I will say that the Sunnyside will be conducted as in the past, respectable in each and every respect, courteous and polite treatment, good goods at reasonable prices, this is our motto.

“Improper characters, hoodlums and hobos are hereby notified that they are not wanted, and positively will not be admitted.

“Respectfully yours,

C. A. Bottger, Proprietor


[Note that references to hard liquor were not permitted in “dry” areas of the country, so the euphemism “irrigating” was used for consumption of hard liquor.]

P.S.  We still don’t run a one-horse outfit.

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