Who was Adolfa Bottger?

Today I was picking up a CD with digital copies of historic photos from the Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico in Zimmerman Library.  I also wanted a scan of a clipping from the Bernard S. Rodey scrapbook, so I had to wait for the box to be brought out of storage.

While I waited, I perused the books in the Anderson Reading Room and found that they have a nearly complete set of the Albuquerque City Directories, starting from 1896.  I started looking for Charles Bottger.

It’s interesting that Charles Bottger didn’t start showing up in the City Directory until 1907, and even then it only listed that his residence was in Old Town.  He never did have a listing for the Sunnyside Club.  Maybe he figured that everyone knew where the Sunnyside Club was, so why should he pay for a listing in the directory?

I was stunned, however, to find a listing for a “Miss Adolfa Bottger” living at the residence of Charles Bottger in the 1909-1910 directory.  Who in the world is that?  And it’s the only directory in which she is listed.

I have been told, but not yet been able to verify, that Charles Bottger had a brother who may have lived in Albuquerque for a time.  In the obituary for Charles Bottger’s mother in 1909, it states that she had a son, Charles, and two brothers in New York.  

It’s quite likely that I may never find another reference to Miss Adolfa Bottger, but I can indulge in a little speculation here.  It’s quite possible that Miss Adolfa was the daughter or granddaughter of one of Julia L. Bottger’s brothers and she came to New Mexico in February of 1909 to attend the funeral and ended up staying for a while.  Especially if she was a young woman, she may have been sent to stay with Charles Bottger for a time to put some distance between herself and an unsuitable suitor.  That strategy seems to have been used quite a bit more at the turn of the last century than it is now.

I wonder what I might find in the 1900 and 1910 census for Adolfa Bottger in New York?  She certainly was not included in the Charles Bottger household in the 1910 census.

I’m having fun–come on along!




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