New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe

We recently visited the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe to see their exhibit for the centennial, which has photos and artifacts from the 100 years of New Mexico statehood. The exhibit starts with statehood itself, including photos of the constitutional convention representatives and the unofficial 47-star United States flag, and progresses through the railroad and Fred Harvey memorabilia, the Great Depression and public art projects; World War II, the Code Talkers, the Bataan Death March; the atomic bomb and its impact on history since; transportation–railroads, highways, and plane travel; and life-giving water, with its battles over water rights and the development of the land. The end of the exhibit is a wonderful room full of a collage of free-standing photos depicting New Mexico today, its people, arts, lifestyles and culture.

Of course, the New Mexico History Museum has a whole building full of other exhibits, and it’s worth your while to visit again and again. Current exhibits include Illuminating the Word–the Saint John’s Bible, Telling New Mexico–Stories from Then and Now, Tesoros de Devocion (Treasures of Devotion), and Santa Fe Found–Fragments of Time.

New Mexico Museum of History
113 Lincoln Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico
10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday
visit website for admission and additional hours

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