Judge William C. Hazeldine–another dead end

I’m still looking for Judge William C. Hazeldine.  I found a reference that he died in 1892, but I’ve been unable to find an obituary or a photograph.  However, his daughter Nellie died in 1902 and the newspaper article mentions that she was buried in Fairview Cemetery.

The office at Fairview had very sketchy records, which said that only Nellie was buried in the “family plot in the Masonic section” and noted that even at that, there was no memorial stone.

What I’ve been able to find out is that William Hazeldine had three daughters.  Nellie died in 1902; she had been a member of the MMM Club at the University of New Mexico in 1893.  His daughter Lucy married William Edmund Dame “at the home of the bride’s mother” and moved to Mexico City in 1909.  His third daughter May married James Pettijohn and moved to Long Beach, California in 1910. 

There were two more Hazeldines mentioned, Lura and Louise, who was also in that UNM club with Nellie.  They might be cousins of the Hazeldine girls.


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