Cheese Souffle with Raspberry-Ancho Sauce

Cheese souffle with raspberry-Ancho sauce is one of our guest favorites. Make the cheese souffles in a blender and bake in individual souffle dishes. The raspberry-ancho sauce is a New Mexico twist that provides an unexpected surprise. It’s a little sweet with some heat from the chile in the sauce. Plate the souffles and serve immediately, because a souffle will deflate as it cools.

What type of dried chile to use?

We love Hatch chilies! Chile season is late summer into September, and nearly every grocery store has a chile roaster outside. The aroma is wonderful and chile is addictive. Green chile is picked fresh off the plants, then roasted to blister the skins off. Use green chile fresh, canned or frozen. If green chile stays on the plants longer, it turns red. The red chilies are then dried whole or ground into chile powder. To cook, reconstitute red chile with hot water or broth and puree in a blender. The most common chile varieties in New Mexico are long green “Anaheim” or “NuMex Big Jim.”

For this recipe for Cheese Souffle with Raspberry-Ancho Sauce, we like to use Ancho or Pasilla chile, which has a different flavor from the long green chilies.

Cheese souffles can be made gluten-free

To make¬†Cheese Souffle with Raspberry-Ancho Sauce gluten-free, use a gluten-free flour for the souffles. We like Bob’s Red Mill, Cup-for-Cup, or King Arthur gluten-free flour. Don’t skip the bread crumb topping. It gives a light crunchy texture to the quiche. To make gluten-free bread crumbs, put slices of gluten-free bread out to dry to for several hours or overnight. Use a food processor to grind the bread into crumbs. Keep in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

If you’re looking for more gluten-free breakfast recipes, see our Green Chile Quiche.

Experiment with other flavors of sauces

Steve has improved this sauce with prickly pear puree, but that may not be readily available in many areas. Our friend Sue gave us the souffle recipe. She serves it on a puddle of apricot sauce. Feel free to try something new! How about blackberry-habanero sauce if you like more heat?


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