How to make Christmas crowns

Christmas crowns are mandatory inside Christmas crackers, but since this isn’t an American tradition, where do you find the crowns? Make your own!

Supplies: crown template, gold wrapping paper, tape, scissors, pins.

This is a good use for gold wrapping paper. The crown needs to be large enough to fit a big head. I made a template. I found 19″ to be right for the largest head for an adult; cut off the extra length.

You can make several crowns at one time. Fold a width of the wrapping paper back and forth to make about four layers. Pin the crown template through the layers of the wrapping paper to hold it in place; cut completely around the template through all layers.

One layer at a time, fold over the long straight edge about 1/2 inch.This makes the crown a little less likely to tear. Form the crown into a circle and glue the ends together. Voila!

To straighten out the curl in the paper and insert the crowns into Christmas crackers, start folding the crown in half, fold again, and again, about 4-5 times until it will fit into the toilet paper tube.

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