Altura Park walking route

A few weeks ago the park featured in the Go! section of the paper was Altura Park, which is just south of I-40 near Carlisle Avenue. We took a detour from grocery shopping for a walk. 

It was a quiet morning in January, and hardly anyone was around except a some other walkers and a few people with dogs.  It’s not a big park, just a triangle with some tennis courts, playground equipment, and a big grassy area that looks like a perfect place to throw a tennis ball or frisbee for a dog.  Big shade trees ringed the park.

As we walked around the park, what we found ourselves doing was not looking at the park itself but the houses around the park.  It’s an affluent neighborhood not far from the apartment building west of Carlisle where we lived in the early 80’s.  The houses were obviously custom- built individually rather than tract houses by a developer.  They were all different in style and shape, some California mission style, some modern, some were long, low ranch-style homes, all with very nicely kept mature landscaping.  I could easily live in any one of them.

The great thing about Albuquerque is all of these quiet, nice neighborhoods tucked away off the main roads.  It’s like the 200-year-old haciendas we have here, which were the family homes of the original settlers, now surrounded by neighborhoods and newer houses.  You either have to know that these old compounds are there, or you happen upon them by accident.

How to get there:  The easiest way is to take the Carlisle Avenue exit south off I-40, go left (east) on Indian School Road, then turn right (south) on Morningside.

I’m having fun–come on along!



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