a new lead on Edward Buxton Cristy

Obtaining a photograph of Edward Buxton Cristy, the architect who designed our house, has been more difficult than I anticipated.  He was a prominent person in Albuquerque around the turn of the last century, and having one’s portrait taken was quite the thing to do, so I was certain there’s one of him… somewhere.  Finding it is another question entirely.

With a little sleuthing, I found a lead on his granddaughter.  It hadn’t yet occurred to me that his son, Edward J. Cristy, only had one child, a daughter, so obviously her name would no longer be “Cristy.”  She returned my call this morning.  She now lives in the southern part of the state–I see a field trip in my future.  She does have photographs and believes she has a portrait photo of Edward Buxton Cristy that would do quite nicely.  She hopes within the next week to have gone through her photos and documents and see what she has. 

Now, if I could only have as much luck finding a photo of the elusive William C. Hazeldine.

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