66 Diner in Albuquerque, New Mexico–good homestyle food

As we re-theme the Bottger Mansion of Old Town, our bed & breakfast, and create a Route 66 Room, I’m doing a lot of Route 66 research and also looking for decor items.

Last week we had a great lunch at the 66 Diner right here in Albuquerque on Central Avenue.  Steve opted for his favorite, huevos rancheros, but I tried the daily special, chicken pot pie with mashed potatoes.  It was really good!  I had intended to have one of their great burgers and a chocolate milkshake but got distracted.  It was a good distraction.

I love the decor.  They’ve taken the whole Route 66 theme and put it everywhere, from the items on the walls and ceilings to the music to the map of Route 66 and part of a Plymouth imbedded in the wall in the back dining room. 

It’s total Route 66 immersion, not to mention really good food.

At a time when most of the original Route 66 buildings and landmarks have disappeared, you can still get your kicks at the 66 Diner.

66 Diner
1405 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico


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